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National Get Outdoors Day

National Get Outdoors Day

National Get Outdoors Day Fort Vancouver Washington

Next Adventure again made the Columbia River crossing to Washington to participate in the National Get Outdoors Day Event at Fort Vancouver.  And a fine day it was to be outdoors!

Disc Golf for all Ages at the Next Adventure BoothAndrew staffs the booth and stokes out visitors on NA

Kids of all ages came by to learn about the Northwest's outdoor resources and try their hand at Next Adventure's Disc Golf Challenge.  Andrew and Greg were there to spread the word on Next Adventure's mission and community service, while some awesome student volunteers helped with the discs.

Disc Golf Challenge at Next Adventure Booth

A hint of woodsmoke wafted on the breeze.  Historical re-enactors in period dress gathered around fires and practiced pioneer skills.  A musket and cannon demonstration added thunder to an otherwise calm day.

A bit of outdoor history on hand

Woodsy Owl, Smokey Bear and Ranger Rick were again there this year in big fuzzy form to spread their messages about pollution, wildfire and wildlife protection.   It was a fun outdoor festival for all that attended.

Musket fire

The National Get Outdoors Day event, held at Fort Vancouver National Historic Park in Vancouver, WA, was sponsored by Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation, Portland Parks & Recreation, Oregon State Parks, National Parks, U.S. Forest Service and many other fine outdoor-minded organizations (including Next Adventure).

Fort Vancouver, Washington with Columbia River Bridge towers

Get outside and have some fun!

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