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Next Adventure's Common Wealth Skate Contest Results!

Next Adventure's Common Wealth Skate Contest Results!

Next Adventure's Common Wealth Skate Contest Results!

This last Saturday, August 20th, Next Adventure held their first ever skate contest at the Common Wealth Skate Park! A contest is a good excuse to get a small but excited group together for some great fun and great skating.Keegan floating a frontside air
Just after noon, the first age group went head to head for three rounds of skating. These young guys are already skating with confidence and their own distinctive styles. Parker came out on top with his speed, long grinds, a variety of lip tricks, as well as a few solid airs! Congratulations to Parker and his family! Not far behind him was Keegan who had a really creative style and was able to a pull a textbook front side air out of the bowl right in front of the judges. Behind him was Ben with a well deserved third place. Ben covered every corner of the bowls popping out with some nice grabs and lip tricks. Congratulations to them all for some killer skating!Common Wealth Crew


Later, the older guys warmed up and threw down some great runs. All of these riders had the crowd cheering for a good hour. Alex won best trick with a blunt stall to kickflip out and Lance won best slam for dropping in from the top ropes into about a foot of transition below. Too much went down to mention so look out for a video of the day that will be posted within the next week. Until then, here are the final results and a few pictures of the day.
Thanks to everyone for participating and to all the skaters who put on a great show! Also thanks to Jivaro Wheels, Shrunken Head Skate Shop, and Satori Movement for donating some rad prizes. Everyone went home with a smile and a prize or two. Thanks also to the good folks at the Common Wealth Skate Park for letting us put on a super fun contest at such an awesome location. And, finally, thanks to Deek, Bryan, and Next Adventure for all their help and support in creating this awesome day. It still makes me smile thinking about it. We’re going to have to do this again!

Final results: (I didn’t catch everyones full name, sorry guys)
Alex, Best Trick: Blunt stall kickflip to fakie


Ten years and under:
Parker- 1st Place
Keegan- 2nd Place
Ben- 3rd Place


Sixteen years and up:
Baca- 1st Place
Alex - 2nd Place, Best Trick Lance, Best Bail: from the top rope!

Colton- 3rd Place

Lance- Best Slam

With a trick three times his age, Parker pulls a Boneless into the bowl

Baca skates everything including the walls

Ben pops out with a frontside grab

Lance with a Feeble Grind around the cornerParker bowl hoping


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