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NRS Czar Review

NRS Czar Review

NRS Czar Review

--Product Information--
Product Name: Czar 6
Product Brand: NRS
Best Use: Whitewater
Sizes Available / Specs: 9'6"x 34" x 6"

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Indian Beach
Duration: 1 Session

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review: I have been salivating over the Czar now for months and finally got to try it out at the coast this past Tuesday. Overall what I noticed is that the board provides great stability while still being extremely maneuverable. This board will do what you tell it, and quickly. Paddling through the surf it was great, just be careful of steeper waves because inflatables do not behave the same as hard boards... they stay on top and there is no punching through the lip of the wave.

The Czar excels in whitewater on rivers, so I figure I'd give it a whirl in the ocean waves. What I found was that although a pleasure to paddle, getting into the waves was a little bit difficult because the fins produced a lot of flutter and drag. On the wave, it certainly doesn't perform like a surfboard, but how a surf mat or some other inflatable wave riding vehicle might, meaning that it behaves differently on its edges and also in different gradient waves.

The Good List: The Stability is nearly unbeatable with such tuned in maneuverability, this board would be- and is epic in the river and on flatwater, I just wanted to see how it surfed because it was advertised as such

The Not so Good List: The fin flutter was a little bit off-putting, but then again you don't expect an off road vehicle and a sedan to ride the same in the conditions they were intended for... its a whitewater board that can be used on flatwater and if you reallllly want to get in the ocean and catch waves, it's possible.

The Bottom Line: This is one of the best single chambered whitewater SUP boards out there right now.

NRS Czar
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