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Perception Carolina 12 Review

Perception Carolina 12 Review

Perception Carolina 12 Review

--Product Information--
Product Name: Carolina 12
Product Brand: Perception
Best Use: Recreational Kayaking/Touring
Sizes Available / Specs: The Carolina comes in 12 foot and 14 foot sizes. It has two bulkheads/hatches as well as deck lines. The bulkheads and deck lines are safety features- two bulkheads allow the boat to only take water on in the cockpit area when capsized, leaving the bow and stern full of air (as long as the hatches are closed.) The air left provides buoyancy and the deck lines make it a lot easier to get back in your boat and pump it out with a bilge pump... or help someone else do so.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Willamette
Duration: Laps of Ross Island

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 8

Full Review: I really like the features the Carolina 12 has for its class. Its definitely a recreation boat, but it's capable of providing a good touring platform as well. The Carolina 12 is very stable and tracks well. I personally wish it edged a little better, although it is fairly maneuverable but I definitely wouldn't call it high performance. This is a great boat for someone who may just be getting into paddling and wants to be able to tag along with their friends on day trips, or maybe an occasional overnight.

The Good List:

  • 2 hatches provide storage for cargo as well as safety
  • Deck lines make life easier.
  • Nice colorways
  • Rudder ready
  • Mice high seat back

The Not so Good List: As I mentioned, I kind of wish it edged better, but in the end it performs great for its intended use.

The Bottom Line: This a great boat for someone who doesn't just want your most basic rec. boat, but also don't want a sea kayak. For someone buying their first kayak, this boat will provide them with a great deal of fun and the possibility for growth.


Carolina Perception 12

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