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Rain's Promise

Rain's Promise

Rain's Promise


October in Oregon means the return of rain.

Those who tread the trails only in summery conditions never really get to see Oregon's forests at their best - in the rain.  We're talking about a temperate rain forest, after all.  Black, shriveled lichen burst out in color overnight. Salmon move upstream to spawn in swollen streams.  Big trees soak up that water through their roots and grow even bigger.  And fungi pop up all over the forest floor.


The mushroom season on Mount Hood is lagging a bit this year, but the mushrooms are starting to appear.  One rainy day the first week of October, we took the Mountain Express up to Rhodie, explored along the Barlow Road Route, and trekked up Castle Canyon to see the inspiring views of the rock towers, Hunchback Mountain, and the Zigzag valley. 

There really weren't all that many mushrooms out yet, but it had only been raining a few days.  We saw our first golden chanties, and about a dozen lobster mushrooms.  There were quite a few unidentifiable LBMs, plus a few corals and some interesting oddballs.


Join us on a Fall Hike on October 16.  We'll be heading up the Clackamas River for a streamside-to-clifftop stroll to Pup Creek Falls.  We can help you identify the mushrooms found along the trail and show you where salmon are likely to spawn.  Plus, learn tips and tricks for how to stay comfortable and dry while hiking in the rain.

Find out more and sign up online at nextadventure.net.

oddball mushroom slug and coral fungus

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