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Trip Report: Ape Caves

Trip Report: Ape Caves

Trip Report: Ape Caves

--When, Where, Conditions--
When: July 22, 2014
Location: Ape Caves
Conditions: It does not matter what the weather conditions are because you are going to be below ground the entire time! However, it is cold down there! Even in the middle of the summer. Make sure to wear long pants and bring a long sleeve jacket (preferably one you don't mind getting a little dirty). Duration: There are two ways to go, the upper and lower parts. The Lower part is .75 miles and the Upper part is 1.5 miles. Altogether, I would recommend setting aside 3 hours underground.

--Helpful Info--
Difficulty: The Lower part is very easy and flat the entire way; it is great for young children. The Upper part is much more challenging. You are climbing over many boulders and at one point you have to scale an 8 foot wall. It can be slippery down there, so make sure to have great shoes with grip.
Kid Friendly? Yes, the Lower part for younger children, and the Upper part only for older children. Pet Friendly? No pets are allowed in the caves.
Useful Links:   U.S. Forest Service      Portland Hikers Field Guide     Mt. St. Helens Resource Center

The Report:
Mount St. Helens Ape Cave Lava Tube is a popular attraction in the Mount St. Helens National Monument and the longest lava tube in the continental United States at over two miles in length! It is a great place to check out and bring your friends or family visiting the area. If you want a way to be outside even when it is hot or raining, then this is the trip for you. You will climb over boulders and explore the awesome world of the underground. You must have a good flashlight. Personally I would recommend a head lamp so you are able to have your hands free for all the climbing. A light with a minimum of 70 lumens is going to be the most beneficial. Don’t forget your NW Forest pass as well, and enjoy your spelunking adventure!

Ape Caves Mt. St. HelensMt. St. Helens Ape Caves
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