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Trip Report: Beaver Creek Falls

Trip Report: Beaver Creek Falls

Trip Report: Beaver Creek Falls

     When: February 8, 2014
     Location: Beaver Creek Falls
     Conditions: Cloudy and BROWN!
     Duration: 4 hours of brown stouts!
     Difficulty: Class V goodness.
     Kid Friendly? If they like some serious whitewater.
     Pet Friendly? Not so much. 

Beaver Creek Falls is a shy little 45' waterfall that doesn't come out to play often; but when she does...she comes out with a vengeance! We waited for flood stage waters to fall from the sky for this drop to become even remotely runnable. They day we decided to go checkout THE BEAVER, we found her to be just barely in. After a quick scout, we decided that she was probably good to go. We all geared up and decided to fire off what we are calling, THE ANGRY BEAVER! The low water made the lip of waterfall very chunky and unpredictable. Enjoy the attached video showcasing some of our minor wins, and EPIC fails. 

Beaver Creek Falls from Rogue Specimens on Vimeo.

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