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Trip Report: Clackamas River Carnage Run

Trip Report: Clackamas River Carnage Run

Trip Report: Clackamas River Carnage Run

--When, Where, Conditions--Clackamas River Carnage Run
When: Every Wednesday during this endless summer. 
Location: Fish to Bobs on the Clackamas. 
Conditions: 2000 - the mank (ie Sometime in September). 
Duration: 2-2.5hrs.

--Helpful Info--
Difficulty: Class III-III+
Kid Friendly? Depends on the child
Pet Friendly? Probably not. Though takeout dogs are welcome? (in your vehicle)
Useful Links: Clackamas River Carnage Run

The Report: The Carnage & Confidence Run. You'll laugh, you'll laugh, and you'll laugh more while you're surrounded by good friends both old and new. At some point or another, everyone seems to have paddled 'the clack'. If you started boating in Portland you've run it, and probably a lot, or if you're a Gorge acolyte you've heard stories of this roadside class III-IV* that is just a hoot and classic to boot. Clackamas River Carnage Run

At these low summer flows Fish creek, Armstrong, Carters, and Slingshot offer up fun play waves and challenging eddy catches. Want to push your skill without severe consequence? We stop and play at every single rapid. Big Eddy and Rock n' Roll are easy down the middle(ish) lines or a tense boulder slalom above some fun play holes. Toilet Bowel gives up the money boof to those who can hold the left line. Sadly Bob's isn't what it is during the watered months but you'll have had a good time and gladly clamber to the road for some down time with your new river friends.

We won't get into the Carnage & confidence runs storied history here. There are swims. There are laughs. There is community. What we will say is that it's about the best thing you can do with a Wednesday night. Nay you say? I beg to differ. A free shuttle ride, 20+ of your closest friends and a chance to pick the brains of such a broad spectrum of the paddling community shouldn't be passed up. Share a beer out a nondescript cooler and hangout in the ebbing twilight of a Clackamas lap. Cars lazily drifting by. Bootie beers, back slapping and stories. What am I doing with my life?! Oh wait...I'm going to the carnage run. See you on the river.

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