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Trip Report: Dog Mountain

Trip Report: Dog Mountain

Trip Report: Dog Mountain

dog mountain


The trail has great signs and is well maintained. Starting from the trailhead, the first 0.7 miles were very steep. You arrive at a sign where the trail splits. One direction is " less difficult", as the other one is "more difficult". I took the way that was "less difficult", but it was still very strenuous.

dog mountain 2


The hike to the summit was a steep incline the entire way with very minimal leveling out. The entire trail is covered for about 75% of the hike. Once you reach the sunflowers you are in direct sunlight. After hiking close to 3 miles from the sign, you reach your first sunflower field and a great view of The Columbia River Gorge. If you continue up the trail for about another mile you will eventually reach the summit and an even bigger field of sunflowers.


dog mountain 3


The hike was one of the steepest I have ever done, but it was completely worth it for the view at the top. The hike down is much faster because it's all downhill. I would recommend bringing lots of water, sunscreen, and bug spray. The best time to go is in May. The weather is great and the sunflowers are all in bloom.

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