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Trip Report: Final 2014 Carnage Run

Trip Report: Final 2014 Carnage Run

Trip Report: Final 2014 Carnage Run

When: Sept 17, 2014
Where: Lower Wind River

Final Carnage Run

Currently the 36 pit fire has grown to over 3500 acres and won't be out for almost a month by firefighters estimations. There are over 400 firefighters on the ground fighting the fire. Thankfully, a marine layer and new rains may help subdue the blaze.

Because of that fire we had to relocate the Carnage & Confidence run. Patrick and I hashed it out over a beer and came up with the awesome idea of putting the location to a vote. We offered up a ride to the coast, a ride to the Lower Wind or a movie night. Through the wonderful tool of the internet we put the vote out and waited patiently.

Democracy. Vote counting. Such a complicated task. The voices of the few speak for the many and the voters rallied behind LOWER WIND WEDNESDAY!

The Lower Wind is most definitely a step up from the fish to Bobs section of the Clackamas. But the community had spoken, if not for itself but for us, and we prepped the van Wednesday and I waited. Low and behold only two people opted for the ride from town to the Wind. I began to fear we had overestimated our confidence in the turnout. I threw my single speed in the van just in case I would have to bike shuttle. 

We got to the take out to find a solid crew of 5 waiting there. While not quite regular carnage run attendance I was stoked to see a solid turnout and a good mix of experienced paddlers and fresh faces. We loaded up in the van and rallied up to the put in. Daylight was a concern since we would be putting on at 5:45 or 6:00 p.m. and sunset was at 7:30.

Carnage Run Lower Wind River

The Wind put in is always a fun place. We arrived to a full 4x4 show with tricked out yota's ramping, roosting, and getting stuck in ruts. We geared and and rallied down the rio. What fun. At the flow we had the first bit heading down to the flume was quite manky though high bridge rapid provided some fun eddy hopping (as well as pin potential). A few of us rallied the flume, that mankiest of manky drops. After putzing around at the portage for the flume, we raced downstream speeding through beyond limits and the in between rapids prior to Shipherds.

Carnage Run Lower Wind River

We reached Shipherds at late dusk and one of our party portaged while the rest of us ran the drops in the much faded light. It's always magical paddling off a drop at dusk. Following the sound of the water instead of your eyes and only using your eyes when the lip comes into focus in the fading light. Everyone made it through Shipherds happily and we paddled out in the dark enjoying the little turns and eddies to be caught. I attached a headlamp to my helmet to act as a beacon but at times it did more harm than good in that in between time of near dark and night.

Carnage Run Lower Wind River Shipherds

One of the highlights of the night was scaring up the many chinook that are still swimming upstream. We'd paddled into the shallows and suddenly the water would explode around you with fish. Such a magical night and a great end to carnage run. Until next season.

Carnage Run Lower Wind River 2014
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