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Trip Report: Oregon Country Fair

Trip Report: Oregon Country Fair

Trip Report: Oregon Country Fair

--Event Details--
Event name: Oregon Country Fair
Event Location: Venetta, Oregon
Event Type: Fair
Event Date: July 12, 2014

The Full Report:

I had a blast on Saturday at the Oregon Country Fair. Everyone is so friendly, the food is delicious, and there are more handmade crafts than you could carry around all day. It was a hot day which was awesome for charging the Goal Zero solar panel. Normally my phone dies half way through the day, but the solar panel allowed me to use GPS the whole way there, my camera to take pictures throughout the day, and constant calling and texting with my ride share. The Goal Zero Solar Kit has a portable battery pack that allows you to charge your phone on the go, and it was pretty nifty for my adventures. Last year I also purchased the portable Goal Zero speaker since the radio is rarely playing good music. I brought my ipod and the portable speaker in the car ride down to Venetta, and it came in handy since I was with 3 strangers. It felt strange to listen to NPR, and it was quiet enough already at times soooooo music it is.

Oregon Country FairOregon Country Fair Camelback Sanuk Goal Zero

This was the first time I brought a Camelbak to fair which I will now do every year. It allowed me to carry sunscreen, my wallet, those awesome solar charged portable batteries, Kleenex, a hat, and the t-shirt I purchased. I made friends with several people since I had sunscreen to share (spray feature bonus). Surprisingly, my feet were not very tired from walking around from 11am-6pm; I highly recommend the Teva Mush Flip Flop, they were comfy to walk around in and saved my feet over the long day. I missed the Shook Twins, however found a new band, The California Honey Drops!  Not to be confused with the Carolina Chocolate Drops, whom ironically played the same day at the Oregon Zoo.

Until next year...... Happy Fair!

Oregon Country FairOregon Country Fair
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