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Trip Report: San Juan Islands 4 Day Kayak Trip

Trip Report: San Juan Islands 4 Day Kayak Trip

Trip Report: San Juan Islands 4 Day Kayak Trip

When: August 21st-24th
Location: San Juan Islands
Conditions: Sunny and warm. 70-80 degree's. The water temperature was chilly but nice for a quick swim.
Duration: 4 days. We didn't paddle more than 8 nautical miles in a day.

--Helpful Info--
Difficulty: Pretty easy with the conditions we had.  If you are unfamiliar with navigation or rescue skills in a kayak a guide or taking instruction is highly recommended.

Kid Friendly? Yes

Pet Friendly? No




The Report:

This was the four day Next Adventure San Jaun Island Trip. We had a great group with awesome weather. We kayaked from Roche Harbor to Friday Harbor stopping at Jones and Stuart Island to camp. On the trip we saw lots of wild life like jellyfish, harbor seals, porpoise, bald eagles and my favorite the Orca's. We also got to eat some bull kelp and rock weed which were plentiful and pretty tasty when cooked and spices added.

Trip Itinerary: 

Day 1 Portland to Stuart Island

We met at Next Adventure at 5:45 am and started the drive. After arriving in Anacortes we got on the ferry to Friday Harbor and then drove to Roche Harbor where we loaded boats and started kayaking. We kayaked 7.5 nm North West to Stuart Island and camped at a cool sight in Prevost Harbor with a bathroom and a fresh water supply.


Next Adventure San Juan Islands Trip


Day 2 Stuart Island

Day two was a relaxed day with a nice breakfast and coffee.  We had planned on staying at the same camp sight so we didn't have to pack up camp and we got to paddle empty boats. We paddle around to the south west side of the island and on the way we saw seals, jellyfish, bald eagles, black cormorants and various other flora and fauna. At around 11 we stopped for lunch and mid-lunch we heard on the whale watching channel seven nine that the orcas were headed our way so we jumped in our boats leaving the lunch still on the beach and paddled out to Haro Strait and waited. In a second we saw boats rounding

the corner and in front of them dorsal fins started popping out of the water and blow holes shooting up water into the air. We watched in awe as 20 or so orcas passed 40 yards in front of our boats. After they had passed we paddled back to shore to finish lunch. About twenty minutes later another group of orcas was headed our way, and a couple of whales in this pod were breaching and fully jumping out of the water. Hands down one of the best lunch's I have ever had. After we finished eating we headed back to the camp site where some of the group went for a hike and some others took a nap. In the evening after it got dark we suited up and went for a paddle to see the bioluminescence. The moon was behind the tree's so the bioluminescence

was really bright and with every stroke the water would light up like a firefly; even the boat wake lit up. We could look in the water and see the fish darting underneath us followed by a trail of bio-luminescence. I can only imagine how bad ass it would be to see an Orca going through the water at night lighting up the water followed by a bright green trail.


San Juan Islands Next Adventure Trip


Day 3 Stuart Island to Jones Island

On day three we a nice breakfast and packed up the boats and started paddling south east towards Jones island. around noon we stopped at large Cactus Island for lunch. During lunch we saw a river otter swimming around and

checking us out and navigating through the seaweed and occasionally popping its head out of the water like a telescope.

After lunch we crossed the San Juan channel and headed towards Jones Island seeing porpoise on the way. Once we landed at Jones we all jumped out and went for a swim. It was 80 degree's outside which is warm for the San Juans and it was great to jump in the water and cool off as well as wash off.


San Juan Islands Next Adventure trip


Day 4 Jones Island to San Juan Island, Friday Harbor

We woke up in the morning and started the paddle. The current was moving pretty quickly so we crossed the channel and paddle behind the island to stay out of the main current. Once we reached Friday harbor we had some time to kill before the ferry ride so we walked around Friday Harbor and explored the quaint little town. On the ferry we had a great view of Mt. Baker as we made our way back to Anacortes. The drive back to Portland was pretty quick as we had just missed the Seattle traffic.


Next Adventure San Juan Islands trip

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