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We Know Snow

We Know Snow

We Know Snow

NWD Next Adventure Snowshoe

Full-on winter hit Mt. Hood Saturday.  Freezing temperatures kept fresh snow sticking to the trees, and more snow kept falling all day to provide a real winter wonderland for Next Adventure's custom NW Discoveries snowshoe and cross-country ski trip.


After getting outfitted in rental gear in the Next Adventure Bargain Basement, we loaded up the van and drove to the mountain.  Going was slow, as the road was icy.  We put chains on the trusty van and crawled past the other cars and trucks stuck in drifts by the side of the road.


Two groups set out from the snow-park.  Andrew took the snowshoe crew on a romp in the woods, while Greg conducted a cross-country ski lesson and tour along the old Barlow Road.


The snow was deep and perfect for skiing - just right for grip and glide.  The ski group split again, Rochelle giving extra attention to one participant, while the others continued on a longer intermediate tour.  Snowshoers and skiers alike met up back at the van right on schedule.  We enjoyed warm beverages and snacks before heading back down the hill to Next Adventure.


If you'd like to join us for a romp in the snow on the mountain, there are still seats on our March 11 and March 21 snowshoe and cross-country ski trips.  Find out more and sign up at nextadventure.net.

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