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Gear Review: Werner Powerhouse

Gear Review: Werner Powerhouse

Gear Review: Werner Powerhouse

--Product Information--
Product Name: Powerhouse
Product Brand: Werner
Best Use: Paddling
Sizes Available / Specs: 194-200 with custom lengths available.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Columbia River Gorge & Local area paddling.
Duration: 2 months

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review: I switched from a 200 cm AT Geronimo to the 200 cm Powerhouse a few months ago. I still paddle with the Geronimo at times but there is a difference. A happy one.

The Powerhouse is a great paddle for people looking to get a full energy paddle on the water. The blade design maximizes the amount of water you can move per stroke. The notched aspect on the lower aspect of the blade helps increase this with each pull. Other paddles are lacking this feature and it's something you will notice on a paddle pull if you were to compare them side by side. The shaft is indexed which allows you to find your hand placement without too much work. A plus any time you take your hand off your paddle.

Given their ability to move so much water, the powerhouse may not be the best choice for paddlers with weaker shoulders or shoulder injuries. Werner makes other blade designs which are application specific . Check out the Sherpa or Sidekick as well. If you are looking for a foam cored version of this paddle the Shogun is going to be your go to.

The Good List: Strong construction moves a lot of water with a great blade design.

The Not so Good List: Too much power for weaker shoulders/joints.

The Bottom Line: Great paddle. Make the switch if power and precision are your things.



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