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Wilderness Technology Expedition II Review

Wilderness Technology Expedition II Review

Wilderness Technology Expedition II Review

--Product Information--
Product Name: Expedition II
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Car Camping
Sizes Available / Specs: 

  • Open: Size: 78" x 52" with a 45"center height
  • Packed: Size: 23" X 6" X 5"
  • Weight: 5 lbs 4 oz.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Columbia Gorge (near Trout Lake)
Duration: 2 days

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review: I took Wilderness Technology's Expedition II tent out to the Columbia Gorge last weekend to camp out on a large of piece of property near Trout Lake. The area was beautiful and we got lucky with a starry night, so it was nice to have the open mesh design for stargazing. Without the rain fly attached, the mesh sides offer a nice panoramic view and I stayed up late watching the sky. The open design also keeps the tent relatively cool, along with its two ventilation ports. With temps pushing 100 degrees, I was definitely happy to have that feature!

Wilderness Technology Expedition 2 Tent

The D-shaped doors are wide and easy to get in and out of. Sitting low to the ground, they were easy for my dog to climb in and out of too and inside the tent it's fairly spacious. It fit me and my pup perfectly and we both slept comfortably. There would have been room for another person too if we'd had more people in our group without it feeling too crowded. I was camped on grass so the stakes went in easily; however, I like that it's a freestanding tent so you wouldn't have to worry about the stakes if you were camped on rocks or tougher soil. It is fairly light to carry and compact enough to fit easily in my car with all the other camping gear. It was very easy to set up into a classic dome shape with two simple poles. I also liked the little lantern clip which I used to read for a little bit before bed and the gear pockets up front which offered easy access to my book and bug spray.

There was no rain so I didn't get a chance to test how waterproof it is (which is pretty important when camping in the Pacific Northwest). However, it felt pretty sturdy. I would question the longevity of the poles -- I doubt they'd last 20 years like some of the more expensive, top-of-the-line tents. However, for a tent in that price range it seems like a pretty good deal. If you are going backpacking or hiking long distances, this tent would probably be a bit too heavy and the duffle-style carry bag would feel too cumbersome. However, if you're just looking for something to take on car camping trips with friends, let the kids sleep in, or take family vacations with, this is the perfect choice.

Wilderness Technology Expedition II Tent

The Good List:

  • Open mesh design great for stargazing
  • D-shaped doors easy to get in and out of
  • Ventilation ports keep it cool in warm weather and let you sleep in without getting too hot
  • Gear pockets make easy access to equipment
  • Spacious and roomy inside
  • Low zip-doors let dogs crawl in and out easily
  • Freestanding so don't have to worry about stakes
  • Fairly light and compact for car camping
  • Easy to stuff into carry bag
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Handy lantern clip for reading
  • Inexpensive

The Not so Good List: 

  • Too heavy/bulky for long-distance hikes
  • Too heavy/bulky for backpacking or multi-day trips
  • Unsure how waterproof (didn't get chance to test)

The Bottom Line: If you're a super serious, hardcore outdoorsman looking for a high-performance, top-of-the-line tent that will last forever to take backpacking and on multi-day trips, this is not the tent for you. If you're looking for something relatively inexpensive, yet durable and high-quality to take on car camping trips with friends, adventure around Oregon and the PNW, or bring on family vacation, this is the perfect tent for you.



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