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Wilderness Technology Sawtooth 4 Review

Wilderness Technology Sawtooth 4 Review

Wilderness Technology Sawtooth 4 Review

--Product Information--
Product Name: Sawtooth 4
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Car Camping

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Sandy River
Duration: 2 days

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Full ReviewFirst impressions out of the bag: I really like the built in directions sewn to bag for ease of set up. The 2 main fiberglass poles pop into the corner grommets with ease and no confusion. I tied the cross poles at tiptop of tent lightly so ease in take down. if the strings are tied too tight then take down may be frustrating.

Wilderness Technology Sawtooth 4 Tent

My almost 3 year old daughter helped to set the tent up, it is that easy. Our 8 month old just gummed the ground pegs.

The huge vestibule and massive front door made getting in n out a breeze even while carrying a sleeping baby. The sawtooth 4 is a true 4 person tent with plenty of space and headroom to move and play about. The green color blends in well with nature.

We used the tent at Oxbow park in the campground on a 2 night Cargo Bike family camp trip. The first night we left off the rain fly to enjoy the evening breeze but our campground neighbors ran their way too bright camp light all night and it was annoying so the 2nd night we put the rainfly on for a bit more darkness and some extra warmth.

During the day leaving the fly door open helped to keep the inside vented. if zipped up in the sun the inside will get quite hot, needs more ventilation.

The Sawtooth 4 was just what we needed: a big home away from home with plenty of room, easy set up and take down for one parent while the other is running around with 2 kids, and the cost just cant be beat.

Wilderness Technology Sawtooth 4 Tent

Given that we transported all our gear, 2 small kids, food, etc and this big 4 person tent via bike with no trailers, it is a great option for any family wishing to get out and be in nature and not break the bank, nor heft a too big multi room circus tent when the kiddos are still small.

The Bottom LineA good overall design and useable amount of space. Can't beat the price at $100.


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