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Wilderness Technology Star Lite Sleeping Pad

Wilderness Technology Star Lite Sleeping Pad

Wilderness Technology Star Lite Sleeping Pad

--Product Information--Wilderness Technology Star Lite Sleeping Pad
Product Name: Star Lite Sleeping Pad
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Backpacking

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Wahtum Lake
Duration: Overnight trip

When I heard about the Wilderness Technology Star Lite sleeping pad I was pretty skeptical. First of all, I’m pretty committed to my Thermarest Z-Lite Sol. I like it because I can throw it on top of sticks and rocks without worrying about popping a hole in it. Secondly, it’s about $30 cheaper than the Thermarest Pro-Lite! But after a quick overnight to Wahtum Lake, I think I could make it part of my regular pack setup!

First thing I noticed, it’s very small when it’s packed. The pad is very thin when deflated compresses to a very compact size. This could be good for people who prefer small packs or people who want to keep their pad inside their pack.

Wilderness Technology Star Lite Sleeping Pad

Inflation was quick and easy, this isn’t one of those mattress style pads that take lungs the size of a blimp to inflate. The insulating foam inside the pad allowed the pad to puff up somewhat while I was on a day hike, but I found it still required some puffing.

As far as the insulation goes, it was a very warm night out, so I can’t say whether the insulation made a huge difference in ground warmth. It did, however, keep the air evenly distributed in the pad, which made high pressure points like hips and shoulders slightly more comfortable.

The bottom of the pad has a series of V shaped rubber grips on it, which I didn’t expect to work very well, but I actually noticed my pad stayed solidly in place, no matter how much I twisted around in my sleeping bag.

Wilderness Technology Star Lite Sleeping Pad

I fell asleep quickly and I slept well. I did wake up a little bit sore, but that’s to be expected with almost any sleeping pad.

Overall, for the weight, comfort, compact size, and cost, this is an excellent sleeping pad.

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