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Work Party @ Blue Lake Disc Golf Course

Work Party @ Blue Lake Disc Golf Course

Work Party @ Blue Lake Disc Golf Course

Newly poured tee pad #1
The local disc golf community came together to help with the installation of the new disc golf course at Blue Lake Park in Fairview. 18 members from the local disc golf community including Next Adventure Flight Crew members Cindy & Emma spent a Saturday installing the first four tee pads, and clearing brush from the fairway of #17.
Digging out tee pad #18

The tee pad crew dug out, framed, poured, and finished the first four tee pads. The tee pads are a generous 6 X 12, and they look awesome.

Finishing up tee pad #18

The rest of the volunteers cleared out a 60' wide swath, about 400' feet long to create the 2nd half of 17s fairway. Not only did they clear the area out, but almost all of the debris was hauled up to the pathway, where it can be easily hauled away by Metro.

Brush piles as far as the eye can see
Many more work parties will be required to finish this par 72 disc golf course. Future work parties will include installing the remaining tee pads, clearing other fairways, installing tee signs which are being made and stored at the Next Adventure warehouse, also adding benches which will be donated by Next Adventure, as well as a kiosk near hole #1 which will be donated by KEEN, and then last but not least 18 new Innova baskets.

Many thanks to these people for their hard work:

Carl Thorne
Murray the Brit
Kevin Mykelz
Bill Howard
Emma-Rose Hanley
Josh Dearing
Josh Marcella
Vince Epker
Joe Winn
Stephen Sines
Scott Searles
Tom Dooley
Stephan McMahan
Cindy McMahan
Jeff Hagerty
Jay Townsend
Greg McKnight


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