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Next Adventure staffer Dan needs to stay dry during his bike commute through the ever rainy (yet beautiful) Portland, Oregon. Dan's also ballin' on a budget and not looking to break the bank for a highly technical garment, so luckily the Red Ledge Thunderlight Full Zip is around. Read more for Dan's review!

Next Adventure staffer "Hammerhands" has gotten himself into some tricky situations climbing over the past year. Luckily, the Camp Evo Tricam has been at his side for those sometimes tough placements. Hammerhands loves this tricam for trad climbing and delivers a great review of the product overall. Read more for details!

Next Advenuture staffer Matt "Hammerhands" has been sport climbing with the Petzl Djinn Quickdraw and Carabiners over the past month and has fallen in love. There are some areas where these quickdraws do not excel, but for sport climbing, Hammerhands believes there is nothing better for the price. Read more for the full review!

Join Next Adventure and Whitney "Allgood" La Ruffa for this FREE presentation about circling cascade volcanoes!  Allgood is a legend in the through hiking community and is stoked to share his knowledge and experience to those who are interested.  We hope to see you there!

Next Adventure staffer Tanner recently competed in the annual Heroes On The Water Salmon Slay Ride and got the chance to try out the 2015 Wilderness Systems Thresher 140. This angler is an absolute beast designed for the offshore kayak fisherman. Read more to find out about the Thresher!

Nationally-known environmental journalist Todd Wilkinson is author of the new critically-acclaimed book “Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet” that has been spurring discussions about “eco-capitalism” across the country. From Turner’s pioneering work in “rewilding the West” with wolves and grizzly bears to raising 50,000 bison, giving $1 billion to the UN and trying to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on nuclear weapons, he has been hailed as a pathfinding 21st century businessman.

The Salmon Slay Ride Derby is this Saturday! There is a $40 entrance fee with proceeds benefiting Heroes on the Water.  Check-in and weigh-in are at the Sunrise Motel and Dive Resort in Hoodsport, WA. Read more for details!

A few Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center staffers recently had a play day on the Clackamas River where our Whitewater Kayaking 1 class takes place.  Everyone worked on their teaching techniques, had a few crashes, and jumped some cliffs. Read more to find out about this fun spot.

Next Adventure Disc Golfer Emma competed in the Willamette Open Disc Golf Tournament in Corvallis this past weekend and let the discs fly! Emma had a blast as she ended up competing in the men's division due to lack of female competitors.  Read more for a full recap of the event!

Fall colors lined the lake. Despite the warm sun, there was a chill in the air. There's nothing like October in the Oregon mountains, and Next Adventure Outdoor School was there leading a custom 3-day backpack tour in the Olallie Lake National Scenic Area on Mt. Hood National Forest.