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Yoga To You Owner and Next Adventure SUP Yoga Instructor Lauren Fields hosted our Thirsty Thursday, Recover and Improve: Strength and Stretching for Paddlers w/ Lauren Fields. In you missed the delicious Hopworks Urban Brewery brews here are Lauren's 5 Key Stretches to help you body achieve maximum paddling potential, or just to keep you body from breaking down.

The First half day of the 2.5 day whitewater kayak adventure starts in the pool the Wednesday night before our weekend trip! 

Want to shake up your yoga routine this fall and winter? Keep the summer alive with our SUP Yoga Pool Session. Based off our summer SUP Yoga sessions, combine the challenge and centering of yoga with the fun of paddle boarding.  People who have less than two years of experience in yoga, occasionally practice,  or who never tried yoga will find an open and welcoming session for all skill and backgrounds. Those who do have a stronger background in yoga will find new challenge practicing on a paddle board. 

Are you ready to play in the snow? 

Come by Next Adventure's Grand Avenue store for free clinics and presentations this winter.
Next Adventure staff and experienced guests share how to stay warm, dry and comfortable while out on the slopes, in the back-country, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snow camping, and year-round hiking and backpacking.  

Get prepared for winter. Get smarter.  Get safer.  Have more fun!   

Clinics begin at 7 pm after the store closes.

Things are different away from the groomies. Learn from Cody Booth how to prepare for and make the most of your back-country skiing or splitboarding experience.

Learn what it takes to stay cozy, warm, dry and safe while camping in winter. We'll talk about snow cave and igloo construction, discuss winter tent options, what sleeping bags and insulation are best, what stoves don't work in the cold, keeping water liquid, and other unique winter challenges.  Free!

Is your current gear too heavy and preventing you from enjoying the scenic views of the backcountry? Our Lightweight Backpacking Clinic is good for anyone that hefts a pack to their shoulders: day-hikers, weekend backpackers, and long-distance thru-hikers can all learn something to lighten their load!

To kick off our third season of our Get Out and Paddle: Sea Oregon, we returned to where it all started: Warrior Rock. I love this particular paddle with its straight forward logistics (launch and land Scappoose Bay Paddling Center), interesting mix of history and wildlife, and beautiful vistas from the Columbia river.

Staffer Adam had a chance to drive through Denali National Park at the end of season this year. The road lottery is a little known (outside of Alaska)  but amazing opportunity to see wildlife without the glut of summer crowds. It is the only time of year when the public are allowed to drive their own vehicles to the park roads terminus at Kashwitna Mining District some 80+miles in. 

What are the 7 wonders of Oregon? They are the amazing natural spaces you can discover here in Oregon: majestic Mt. Hood, the incredible Columbia River Gorge, the awesome Oregon Coast, the pretty Painted Hills, spectacular Smith Rock, the wonderful Wallowas, and indescribable Crater Lake.