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Pricing Policies


Next Adventure’s Pricing Policies:

Getting You Great Gear at Prices You Can Afford.


At Next Adventure, our mission is to provide you with the highest possible value for your hard-earned dollar: that sweet spot where you get the best quality products at the lowest possible price. That means that sometimes we buy closeouts, last year's models, or, if we can't find quality products at the right price in the marketplace, we custom design our own in-house items.

To be as transparent as humanly possible, below is what we mean by our "Was" price and our "Now" price that you will see on tags in our stores and on our website:


The "Was" price will be one of these things:

  • The most straightforward of them all: MSRP or Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. You've seen this before and it's simply what the manufacturer tells all retailers is the normal, fair selling price for the item. Also, the MSRP for an item can change over time so sometimes the "Was" price indicates the MSRP at the time we purchased it, rather than if we had purchased it more recently.
  • This product was offered by other retailers at the "Was" price indicated. When we buy closeout items, it's possible that we have never offered the product at the "Was" price but other retailers did, before the products were closed out. Again, it's just a helpful comparison for you, but technically not an item that we sold at the higher price, and then reduced to the “Now” price.
  • For our in-house brands, (Wilderness Technology, Adventure Research, and a variety of “Next Adventure” logoed items), we arrive at the “Was” price by carefully comparing them feature-by-feature with other products available in the marketplace.


The "Now" price will be one of these things:

  • A special promotional discount that a manufacturer has offered us, and that we in turn pass along to you.
  • A particularly in-demand or seasonally-desirable item that we offer at a lower price to give customers a reason to come in and shop for other items they may need at the same time.
  • A product that we have way too much of, so we reduce the price to get it into your hands rather than gathering dust in our warehouse.
  • There are some particularly in-demand items that always sell at full MSRP, everywhere, all the time, so sometimes the "Now" price is the same as the “Was” price (MSRP).
  • For our in-house products, the “Now” price is simply a price point we’ve arrived at that allows us to offer the highest possible value to our customers.

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