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Gear Review: Bic Sport FCS II Connect 10'' Fin

Gear Review: Bic Sport FCS II Connect 10'' Fin

Gear Review: Bic Sport FCS II Connect 10'' Fin

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center
Duration: All summer long

Product Name: FCS II Connect
Product Brand: Bic Sport
Best Use: Putting in your fin box and keeping your board in a straight line
Sizes Available/ Specs: 10''

The Full Review

Tired of those nuts and bolts and fin keys to put in the center fin of your SUP or longboard? FCS has come up with a solution to this age-old problem by releasing a fin that requires no hardware. There is a little mechanism that allows the fin to click into place and stay there, unless there is enough upward forced applied to the fin to release it.

The Good: 

No more hardware and 3/32 hex keys, easy in and out for the center fin. Same design and material as previous fins, except for the quick release part.

The Bad: 

It is possible to pull these fins out, but I have never heard of one coming out while in use despite the many rentals we have sent out and my own experiences with these fins, So, at this time I can only identify potentially that if one were to impact something very hard the fin would come out, but again, that hasn't happened yet.

The Bottom Line:

This a great improvement and totally simplifies the fin installation and removal processes. A must for rental outfits and surf schools; it saves lots of time and effort!

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