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The tune shop at Next Adventure is your one-stop shop for all your ski repair and rental needs! Don't forget about our season leasing program, it always sells out fast!


Grand Ave tune shop

At our Southeast Portland location, we offer a variety of tune shop services! Many of our shop services can be done while you wait, with wait times generally 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please keep in mind that during times of heavy traffic, while you wait services generally become unavailable and will need to be dropped off. All of our drop off services tend to be a 2-5 day turnaround. You are allowed to drop off as well if you are in a hurry or do not feel like waiting. We ask all drop off customers pick up within 48 hours of their completion date due to limited storage space.



We offer the same speedy service as the Grand, but our location en route to the mountain has close parking, typically less crowds and wait time, and arguably the best stone grind finish in NW Oregon. At our Next Adventure Sandy location, we can provide you with a truly World-Cup level race tune with our Montana tuning equipment.

Full Tune*
Includes base repair, stone grind, edge sharpen, and infrared wax.
$70 Core Shots $10 per inch
Race Service $25
(includes all options below)
Hand + Ceramic Edge $10
Race Structure $10
Race Wax $10
Quick Tune
Includes stone grind, edge sharpen and wax.
$50 Race Service $25
(includes all options below)
Hand + Ceramic Edge $10
Race Structure $10
Race Wax $10
Edge and Wax
Side edge sharpen and Wax
$35 Hand + Ceramic Edge $10
Race Wax $10
Iron Wax $20 Race wax $10
Premium Wax $25 Race wax $10
Binding Test & Adjustment
Free with any ski purchase.
$25 You may want a Tune, Edge service, or wax at the same time!
Binding Mount*
Free with $300 spent on Skis, Boots or Binding, or combo of all 3.
$30 for Cross Country gear
New skis come with a factory wax,
but it never hurts to apply more!
Always consider PHANTOM when purchasing new skis.
Specialty Binding Mount*
Remounts, Mounts without Jigs, ect
Phantom Glide
Talk w/ salesperson when you purchase new skis about discounted application rates!
Includes Product
Full Tune $60
Quick Tune $40
Base Conditioner $40
Snowboard Binding Mount
With Stance Analysis
Custom Work $1per minute Dig to win in our extensive collection of spare parts!

*Drop off service only, turn-around time fluctuates depending on business levels, usually 2-5 days.


Base grinding and tuning refreshes the base of your equipment, by grinding off a small amount of base material. We then finish the grinding process with a local condition’s specific “structure”. We can control the finish on the base of your equipment, fine tuning it to specific skiing styles, race events, and snow conditions.

Wintersteiger machine
Montana machine

At our Southeast Portland location, we have 2 stone grinding machines. Our Wintersteiger SBI is a workhorse, perfect for pre-grinding and flattening the running surface. Our Montana Crystal SR, is pre-loaded with “race patterns”, and is used by world-cup level athletes and ski teams all over the world.

Montana Challenge tuning machine

Our Montana Challenge, at our Sandy location is the highest end ski tuning machine in NW Oregon. This machine tunes skis robotically, so every tune comes out perfect. This machine is also pre-loaded with “race patterns”, which are as beautiful as they are fast. The race patterns are not just for racers, anyone who wants a performance tune will benefit from this stone grind finish.


base grind structure
base grind structure

By changing the shape, depth, width, and steepness of the texture, we can achieve optimal performance for each skier type, in any snow condition.


base repair equipment

We do repairs of standard damage to the bases of skis and snowboards. “Core Shots”, where damage has gone through the base material and to the core of a ski or board, will require a base weld, which costs roughly $10 per inch. We do not do major repairs like edge replacement, extensive epoxy work, or repair delaminations, due to labor costs and the fact that we cannot guarantee these types of repairs will be successful.


Having sharp, smooth edges and correct edge bevels is important to your skiing experience. We can sharpen your edges to different angles to fine tune your skis to user preferences and racing disciplines. By increasing the bevel on the side edge of the ski, we can increase edge hold and power. Too steep of an angle can make it difficult to ski for recreational and beginning skiers.

We offer 1-4 degree side edge bevel options, in increments of 1 degree. We can do either .5 or 1 degree base edge bevel, as well as radial tuning of base edges (.5 through the running length of the ski, with 1 degree toward tip and tail).

edge sharpener

We also offer an upgrade service in which the side edges are finished with a ceramic disc, providing an ultra smooth and polished edge. Most skis will come with a ceramic disc finish from the factory, so to get your skis back to their best quality you will want this $10 upgrade. A ceramic finish will ski smoother, faster, and stay sharper longer.


Waxing your equipment is the basis of good performance. Not only does wax enhance the gliding properties of your equipment, it also conditions the base material. The more you wax your equipment, the more benefits you will get from a fresh wax.

wax jet machine
Montana future wax machine

The “buff” wax our WaxJet produces is free to all of our customers! Seriously...NO CHARGE! But...your equipment must be clean and rust free before we can run it over the machine. This is generally a ½ day to 1 day application.

Our infrared wax option, which uses our Montana Wax Future machines, ensures wax penetration deep into the base material. This replaces a hot iron in the waxing process, which often lead to scratching of the base, and sometimes burning or rounding over the structure. We do not use a plastic scraper to remove excess wax for similar reasons, instead we finish the waxing process with a series of stiff to soft bristled brushes, leaving an ultra-polished and clean base. With the deep penetration of the wax that the infrared lamp provides, you will see glide benefits from this application for 3-4 days depending on snow conditions.

We do have irons and can cake the wax on thick for that skier or snowboarder who wants a quick and cheap solution to fill in damage from hitting rocks. Waxing like this does not produce the fastest glide, and wax will eventually strip out of the base damage as you ride. But it is cheap and will get your old or beat up equipment going for a couple days of skiing or riding!


DPS Phantom is a permanent base treatment that increases the gliding properties of base material without using wax. This one-time application has many benefits, such as reduced waxing cost and labor over the lifespan of the equipment and is more environmentally friendly as it leaves minimal residue behind on the mountain. You will either want to apply this to brand new equipment, or after a full tune.

The solution is spread evenly across the base material, then, after it soaks into the pores in the base material, it is cured under UV light for 30 minutes to 1 hour. We finish the process by brushing off all excess Phantom dust and conditioning the base. Many customers choose to purchase spray on base conditioner at the same time.

phantom base glide treatment
phantom base glide curing

Note: Phantom can cause some staining on equipment during the curing process. Next Adventure recommends conditioning the base material with either spray on base conditioner, or with 1 or 2 waxes throughout the season. Phantom does have a “break in” period that could take many runs depending on snow conditions.


Next Adventure is a certified service center for all currently manufactured bindings.

Ski binding manufacturers recommend testing your ski bindings every 20 days skiing or at the beginning of every ski season, whichever comes first. It is also recommended that skiers get their bindings adjusted any time there is a change in skier type, equipment, or stats that could impact performance. That could include, becoming a more aggressive skier, coming back from an injury, changing boot sizes, or losing weight.

We use an industry specific calibrator to measure the force it takes to release from the ski binding, then fine tune the indicator setting up or down until the release is within a specified range of force.

safety release calibrator

Note: Next Adventure can only mount, test or adjust Alpine (ski resort style) bindings which are currently indemnified by the manufacturer. Please email detailed photos of your binding to if you are not certain whether or not your binding is currently indemnified.


Next Adventure is a certified service center for all currently manufactured bindings.

We can mount most bindings manufactured in the ski industry. We use a mounting template, which is provided by the manufacturer to ensure all holes are drilled correctly. After we install the binding on the ski, we complete the service with a full system test, ensuring all components of the system are working as designed, and are releasing within tolerances outlined by the manufacturer.

drill bits

Note: Next Adventure can only mount, test or adjust Alpine (ski resort style) bindings which are currently indemnified by the manufacturer. Please email detailed photos of your binding to if you are not certain whether or not your binding is currently indemnified.


Common custom work requests are services like top sheet repair, crampon sharpening and fitting, ice tool sharpening, snowshoe repair, and snowboard binding repair. Stop on by to either location or give us a call to see if we can help.

We provide many parts as a service to the outdoor community and are often treated as a dig to win, take a piece - leave a piece scenario. Custom Work Rates start at $1 per minute, many spare parts are free or of little charge.

custom tune work tag


If you're looking for the best custom boot fitters in Portland, come see our master fit trained staff. A custom boot fitting can be life-changing for your comfort level and performance while out on the slopes. These NA crew members went through months and in some cases years of classes and training in order to be considered a master in their trade.

If you have hot spots or you have a foot that's shaped like a lego experiment gone bad, our in-house experts will offer you solutions that will keep your feet happy. Whether it's a shell grind or a custom footbed, we have the answer. Swing in today and get outfitted for all your winter outdoor adventures!

Item Cost
Fit Analysis (waived if service work purchased) $20
Press (each area, per pair) $40
Grind Shells (each area, per pair) $50
Custom Insoles $100+
Stance Analysis $40
Stance Alignment (ie. canting) $100/per boot
Standard Service Rate $80/hour

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