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Free Shipping for Most Orders Over $49.95
Free Shipping for Most Orders Over $49.95

Here at Next Adventure we love gear, but what we love more is enabling people to get out and have positive experiences. Sometimes we meet people who we feel have a positive outlook and goals that represent our love for the outdoors and outdoor sports. These people compete in their respective sports and spread the word about Next Adventure. Behold, the Ambassadors of Next Adventure.

Next Adventure Ambassadors

These multi-talented individuals represent all of the qualities that we hold dear here at Next Adventure. Filled with a variety of adventurers and athletes from all backgrounds and walks of life, we hope that they inspire you on your journey as they have inspired us.

jesse rubenstein rock climbing

Jesse Rubenstien 

Erika Vikander Next Adventure ambassador.

Erika Vikander


David Gravette

Willis Kimbel

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