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Gear Review: Boardworks Rukus Stand Up Paddle Board

Gear Review: Boardworks Rukus Stand Up Paddle Board

Gear Review: Boardworks Rukus Stand Up Paddle Board

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9
Location of Test: The Willamette River
Duration of Test: All day on the River
Product Name: Rukus SUP
Product Brand: Boardworks
Best Use: Stand up paddle boarding recreationally
Size: 10'6

Boardworks Rukus

The Full Review:
The Boardworks Rukus is a great all-around board that can accommodate most paddlers, from smaller people to people who may need a little bit more volume. The board keeps a nice straight line and it is made a using a standard foam blank on the inside, while the exterior is an ABS plastic/rail tape combo that stands up well to light abuse. I really dig the full deck pad and deck bungees on these boards - it makes moving around the board super easy a carrying gear a breeze. I have been comparing and contrasting various all-around boards, and although the Rukus may not be the lightest thing out there it is a pleasure to paddle and its price point makes it appealing to those of us who don’t have a ton of coin to drop on a board.

The Good:
I really like the way this board has its volume distributed evenly from nose to tail- it makes putting someone (like a small child or rescued student) on the nose a lot easier than a board that thins out. The round nose continues the stable platform, consistent with the rest of the deck of the board. The tail thins out enough to make pivot turns effective and enjoyable. The deck bungees combined with the nose volume make putting gear up front super easy.

The Bad:
Due to the nature of ABS plastic, when this board heats up (say on your roof while you're grabbing a post paddle libation), it is susceptible to damage from being tightened down too hard. Also, the ABS can be punctured, but I would still deem it more durable than most epoxy boards. Essentially, just don’t beat the heck out of it and use common sense when tying the board down.

The Bottom Line: 
This board is a great price point, all-around, Stand up Paddle board that will work for most people. It’s great for guests, great for kids, great for all. Give it a try at Next Adventure!

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