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Gear Review: G3 Climbing Skin Trim Tool

Gear Review: G3 Climbing Skin Trim Tool

Gear Review: G3 Climbing Skin Trim Tool

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Product Name: Trim Tool
Product Brand: G3
Best Use: Backcountry Skin set up

The Full Review:
This trim tool is by far the best tool I own without a doubt. Seriously, it works so well! I have watched countless friends butcher their brand-new skins with crappy skin trimmers or even worse using scissors! They either end up swiveling inward and cutting off too much or don't cut enough to where the edge of the ski can be exposed. Both of these are bad options if you want a good backcountry tour!

The trim tool can cut through your skins with ease AS WELL as the plastic/rubber starter in the front of a lot of skins these days. You slide 2 prongs of this trim tool under the skins to start, then hold the tool right up against the edge of the ski. As long as you keep pressure while sliding your tool down the ski you will have a PERFECT CUT! A perfect cut means the metal edge is exposed and nothing else. This tool even trims well if you only have a millimeter to cut off in some areas. I was so impressed with this tool!

Trim Tool


G3 Trim Tool

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You save: $2.00 (25%)

The Good: 
Easy to use
Cuts the PERFECT edge
Cuts even when you only have to trim a tiny bit.
Cuts through plastic and rubber.
Perfect offset.

The Bottom Line: 
The bottom line is that it doesn't matter which pair of skins you buy, you need the G3 trim tool. If your skins came with a free one, throw it out and spend the few bucks on this one. You will thank yourself every time you tour in the backcountry!

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