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Gear Review: Osprey Mira AG 26 Backpack

Gear Review: Osprey Mira AG 26 Backpack

Gear Review: Osprey Mira AG 26 Backpack

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9.5

Location of Test: Bus commuting, College campus, and day hikes
Duration: All day

Product Name: Mira AG 26 Backpack
Product Brand: Osprey
Best Use: Day hiking, commuting and school
xs/s-s/m sizes available
Duel upper and lower compression straps
Hip belt
Rain cover

The Full Review:
I have some back issues that require any pack I carry to have maximum support and comfort. Recently, I was in need of a new school bag and found the Osprey Mira AG 26 Backpack. The hip belt is extremely comfortable, and the pack has plenty of compression straps to lock down your load and ensure pack stability. I can bend down, do some stretches, and probably even a cartwheel if I wanted, and this pack would stay securely in place, even when packed full of books. There is a perfect little pocket on the front that fits pens/pencils, and the extra zippered pocket for your hydration bladder (which it comes with!) is the perfect place to keep my laptop safe, and out of the way when not needed. Sometimes I'm in a rush or going a very short distance, and do not need to strap into the hip belt, which is okay because it folds in nicely and doesn't feel awkward on your back when not in use.

Mira AG 26 Backpack

Okay, aside from school, I took this pack snowshoeing. That's where the stability of the pack was really handy. It was great having a backpack that didn't slip and slide all over when you need to adjust your shoes, or even try to run in snowshoes, whatever you're up to.
Did I mention it’s the perfect size for a carry-on item when flying? It also comes with a rain cover. Yeah, this pack is wonderful, and I really felt like I got my money’s worth.

Mira AG 26 Backpack

The only issue I have had with this pack is accessing the zippered pockets on the hip belt. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the angle of the pockets makes it impossible to unzip them with one hand, and unreachable.

The Good
Awesome hip belt
Super stable
perfect carry on item for flying
Very versatile

The Bad: 
The hip belt pockets are challenging to unzip when wearing the pack.

The Bottom Line: 
This is my go to pack for most of my adventures. Whether I am going to school, hitting the trail, snowshoeing, or traveling by plane, this pack has got me covered. It feels like I big bang-for-my-buck since it comes with a bladder and rain cover.

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