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Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Shilo Drylite 30 + 10 liter Backpack

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Shilo Drylite 30 + 10 liter Backpack

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Shilo Drylite 30 + 10 liter Backpack

Value Rating: 8.5
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8.5

Location of Test: bike commute/ 7 day travel trip to Texas/ fishing in gulf of mexico
Duration: daily / 7 day trip

Product Name: wilderness technology shilo drylite 30 + 10 liter backpack
Product Brand: wilderness technology
Best Use Sizes: carrying stuff on your back and keeping it dry
Available/ Specs: one size roll top adjustable volume

Drylite 30+10L Backpack

Wilderness Technology Drylite 30+10L Backpack

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You save: $30.00 (38%)

The Full Review:

This backpack was eye catching right out of the box, good smooth lines, tight seam-taped stitching, minimal pockets or bells and whistles. and light light light weight . Very bright vibrant colors for high visibility in rainy pdx bike commuting. the back pack was used for a week of spring bike commuting both in a front rack on my tall cargo commuting bike and on my back while walking to work on the short Sunday shifts. It held all my work related needs and kept all items dry and tightly in place once the extra air volume was purged out the simple roll top design. There are a lot of straps that were less than ideal while used in a front cargo basket, securing all straps is a must while on a bike or they flap around and may get caught in the wheels. while used as a pack the straps are perfect.

The pack was my go to back for a week long trip down to Texas for vacation with some of the ol college fellas. It was a super easy bag to take on board the plane as carry on, even stuffed to the gills it fit great in the overhead bin and the bright color was easy to find among all the black dull travel luggage. The pack did just fine bouncing around the back of a pickup truck filled with coolers and fishing/hunting gear. While fishing down in the gulf of mexico it withstood the rain and sea water waves while on the boats and cabin on stilts. All and all the pack was great, and my buddies that I vacationed with each wanted one of their own to use.

During my week in Texas we received hail that broke car windshields, torrential rains flooding the area, and hours out in the elements hunting and fishing.
The water proof roll top design works just as intended.

I would like to see one inside pocket for organizing items inside the pack, and the bottom of the pack could use a thicker face fabric to handle abrasion of hard bulky items in the pack against the ground.

All in all a great pack at a steal of a deal cost wise

The Good:

Bright color, easy roll top design, great price,

The Bad:

Thin fabric on bottom, needs thicker or 2nd layer for durability

The Bottom Line:

Get one, you will be glad you did

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