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Jenny Bruso Ambassador Bio | Next Adventure


Jenny Bruso, Next Adventure Ambassador


Jenny Bruso



Portland, OR

What's at the top of your bucket list?
Two things: summit Mount St. Helens and section hike Oregon on the PCT

Tell us about your dream trip.
I haven't traveled much, so maybe I'm still thinking kind of small, but honestly, a southwest roadtrip: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah. All of the parks, monuments, wonders. I get to make this a reality in December!

What's your favorite thing about Next Adventure?
Next Adventure actually supports and lifts up the work I'm doing with Unlikely Hikers and that means a lot to me. They've extended resources, gear and actual outdoor adventures to help my work along. They're a damn good neighbor and community pillar.

Jenny Bruso, Next Adventure Ambassador

What's your favorite product at Next Adventure?
I'M OBSESSED WITH ALL THINGS HAMMOCK RELATED RIGHT NOW! *deep breath* I mean, I'm enjoying the Wilderness Technology hammock gear (hammock, straps, bug net, tarp). I've been hammock camping (car camping, backpacking, rain and shine) and it's changing my game huge time.

Tell us a little more about yourself!
I'm a queer, fat, mid-thirties, writer, hiker and late bloomer to the outdoors. I started my blog,, about four years ago because I wanted to share my outdoor hacks, experiences and hopefully find other unlikely outdoorspeople. It kind of worked, but my social media feeds were so flooded with this very narrow image of who is outdoorsy and it was making me super disenchanted with outdoor culture. In response, I started Unlikely Hikers on Instagram to create and share a different story of the outdoors. I also started offering group hikes. Hiking and the outdoors are my therapy, my church, my medicine, but there are deep access issues in terms of who is being targeted for outdoor recreation. I wanted to be a part changing that, even if it just meant telling people like me, who'd never really considered hiking and camping and things like that, HOW to do it and what it might do for their lives.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I was a DJ for 5 years (find me on Soundcloud!) and I'm also a huge introvert and basically spend every day alone unless I'm leading a group hike.

Check out Jenny's adventures:
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