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La Sportiva Boots/Shoes Size Chart

La Sportiva Size Chart

La Sportiva shoes are built on European half sizes which are smaller increments than US half sizes. This gives us four extra sizes per size run which gives you a better fit!  La Sportivas are handmade, and you can experience minor variations in sizing from pair to pair in a given size.

Fitting Rock Shoes

Once you determine your needs, try on several boots in that genre. Different last types fit different feet. A thick midsole creates a platform on which you stand, while a slip-lasted slipper-type shoe relies on your crammed toes to create an edging platform.

A general rule dictates that soft shoes require a tighter fit, two to three sizes smaller than your street shoe size. La Sportiva recommends you fit your trad shoes one to two sizes under your street shoe size.

Remember to factor in stretch. Unlined slip-lasted shoes tend to stretch a bit more than lined shoes, about one full size. Lined shoes stretch about a half size. A well-fit comfortable shoe will work better than an ill-fitting tighter shoe.

Fitting Hiking/Backpacking & Mountain Boots

To use the size chart to fit mountain boots, find your American size then go across to your European size, and then add one half size. When trying on boots make sure to bring the socks you would normally wear and any orthotics or custom footbeds you use.  What you’re looking for is the size that holds your toes ever so slightly away from the front of the boot while the lacing system is snug across the top of your arch. To check the length, you should be able to slip one finger behind your heel when you are standing up with the boot unlaced and your toes touching the front. The fit across the top of your arch is the single most important factor. If the lacing system here does not hold your foot in place, the boot will not be stable on your foot while you walk. If the boot is too short, your toes will get smashed walking down hill. Too long and your heel will slide up and down and give you blisters. 

Fit Tips

  • Try your boots on with the socks you intend to wear in the field.
  • Try them on later in the day since feet are prone to swell slightly as a day progresses.
  • Wear them only indoors until you are confident about the fit.
  • Your foot should feel snug (not tight) from the arch back into the heel pocket with just a minimum lift as you walk. If your heel lifts make sure the lacing is snug and not too loose.
  • Your toes should not touch the front of the boot, but when you kick the toe into the floor, you should know where the front of the boot is. You want just enough room to wiggle your toes.
  • If your toes or sides of your feet feel squished, most likely the width is too narrow.
  • If your toes touch the front of the boot, most likely it is too short and you need the next half size up.
  • Retain all original packaging which came with the boots until you are sure that you are happy with your purchase.

Size Conversions for Boots/Shoes

33 - 2.5
33.5 - 3
34 2.5 3.5
34.5 3 4
35 3.5 4.5
36  4.5  5.5 
36.5  4.5+  5.5+ 
37.5  5.5  6.5 
38.5  6.5  7.5 
39  6.5+  7.5+ 
40  7.5  8.5 
41  8.5  9.5 
41.5  8.5+  9.5+ 
42  10 
42.5  9.5  10.5 
43  10  11 
43.5  10.5  11.5 
44  10.5+  11.5+ 
44.5  11  12 
45  1.5  12.5 
45.5  12  13 
46  12.5  13.5 


47  13  14 
47.5 13.5 -
48 14 -



Size Conversions for Kids' Boots/Shoes

25 8 Toddler
26 9 Toddler
27 10 Toddler
28 11 Toddler
29 12 Toddler
30 13 Toddler
31 13.5 Toddler
32 1 Kid
33 2 Kid
33.5 2.5 Kid

Size Conversions for Ski Boots

Try your boots on with the socks you intent to wear in the field. Try them on late rin the day since feet are prone to swell slightly as the day progresses. Your foot should feel snug (not tight) from the arch back into the heel pocket with just a minimum of lift as you walk.

38 - 6 7
38.5 24 6.5 7.5
39 24.5 7 8
40 25 7.5 8.5
40.5 25.5 8 9
471 26 8.5 9.5
42 26.5 9 10
42.5 27 9.5 10.5
43 27.5 10 11
44 28 10.5 1.5
44.5 28.5 11 12

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