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Gear Review: Amundson Source 11'10'' SUP

Gear Review: Amundson Source 11'10'' SUP

Gear Review: Amundson Source 11'10'' SUP

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9.5

Location of Test: Scappoose Bay
Duration: 2 hours

Product Name: Source 11'10''
Product Brand: Amundson
Best Use: Lakes, open water, surf
Specs / Sizes Available: 11'10" x 34"x 5" 250 liters, 33.5lbs

Amundson Source

The Full Review:

I've heard a lot about the Source , mostly from coworkers who swear by this SUP. I'm somewhat new to the SUP scene but figured I'd give it a shot after trying a few others this year. At first glance, it's a sexy board. Great colors, sturdy construction nearly full deck pad... it seemed like it was time to get on the water with it and see what all the hype was about. Paddling out past the marina it was instantly evident this board was a good fit for me, the deck padding was soft as a new pillow. Handling was very easy and smooth. Standing up on it was a breeze, it didn't wobble much, it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. I'm one of those types of people who, when they go out for a paddle, it's all or nothing. Lots of gear, maybe some brews in the cooler... but whatever, the point is it had enough attachment points on it, you could basically take your whole house with you on a trip, but today was just a couple hours. The 10" fin helped keep it straight, easy to attach and remove. The handgrip is the best! Half your hand fits inside and that means no cramping. And there's the speed, you can get this thing moving with some good paddle strokes and posture. All in all, I plan to take it out more often, and so far it definitely felt great to paddle, and now I know about all the praise for it.

The Good:

Stability, it's easy to get up and down on. The weight is perfect, some boards out there are heavy and awkward. The handhold is very ergonomic and comfortable when you're carrying it. The deck padding is plush. Multiple attachment points allow you to securely carry whatever your heart desires. The fin is easy to install and remove.

The Bad:

The deck padding while comfortable feels as though it would peel after a year or so, but I suppose that boils down to maintenance and storage... other than that there's not really anything bad about it.

Amunson Source

The Bottom Line:

If you're looking for an all around SUP that's stable, comfortable and downright fun, I'd have no problem recommending the Source to anyone. It's a great board for all skill levels, the Rhino Lite material is extremely tough. MSRP is just a hair under $1,300 so it's not the cheapest... but who wants to paddle a board that won't last? Not I. Give this board a try, it will be worth every second.

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