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Gear Review: Black Diamond PosiWire Quickdraw

Gear Review: Black Diamond PosiWire Quickdraw

Gear Review: Black Diamond PosiWire Quickdraw

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 8
Location of Test: Smith Rock, Broughton Bluff
Duration: approx. 12 days climbing
Product Name: PosiWire Quickdraw
Product Brand: Black Diamond
Best Use: Sport Climbing
Sizes: 12cm, 18cm

The Full Review:
I picked up two QuickPacks of the Black Diamond PosiWire 18cm quickdraws last fall, and I’ve been climbing with them for several months. The PosiWire draw was exactly what I was looking for. I prefer clipping my rope through wiregate biners, but I also wanted a solid gate on the bolt end.

Black Diamond PosiWire Quickdraw

The PosiWire is a great middle of the road quickdraw. The dogbone isn’t as thick or stiff, nor do the biners have as ergonomic of a feel as more expensive draw such as the Petzl Spirit, but it also isn’t as flimsy as something like the old Posiwire or some of the lighter draws. At $16.95 per draw, these draws are a great medium.

The Black Diamond Straitjacket holds the rope-side carabiner in place quite effectively. The draws are light enough to not weigh you down, but stiff enough to clip well and large enough to comfortably grab, should the need arise.

Black Diamond PosiWire Quickdraw

For those who prefer clipping solid gates, BD makes the same draw with a bent gate, called the Positron. For those who either want wiregates on both ends, or are looking for a cheaper option, there is the Freewire Quickdraw.

I’ve been nothing but happy with my Posiwire draws. They get the job done well, and they do it at an excellent price.

The Good
Easy to clip, nice feel, solid build

The Bad: 
Dogbone could be larger, heavy

The Bottom Line: 
These draws are a super value and do the job very well.

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