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Gear Review: Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5 Backpacking Tent

Gear Review: Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5 Backpacking Tent

Gear Review: Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5 Backpacking Tent

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Several Spots in Northwest. Photos taken at Trillium Lake
Duration of Test: ~5 months
Product Name: Optic 2.5
Product Brand: Mountain Hardware
Best Use: Camping alone or with a partner

The Full Review:
The Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5 is a great tent for the solo camper or those of you who camp with a partner. 2.5 refers to room for two plus gear. If you're sleeping in this tent alone, you'll have so much room to stretch out and store your gear. If there are two of you in here, you'll still be very comfortable, just a little less room for your gear. This tent is a breeze to set up. Just two poles crossing diagonally and one crossing that angle for added structure for the tent fly.

Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5 Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5

The selling point for me on this tent was the dual adjacent doors that offer you 180-degree views and an extremely open feel while lounging in your tent. I can't help but keep these doors wide open while I'm hanging out at camp. If I enter the tent through one door, I make a point to leave out the other door, just to make sure I'm getting as much value from this awesome feature as possible. When the tent fly is on it creates two vestibules in front of each door, which makes it so easy for two people to enter the tent at the same time while getting ready for bed. This gives each individual their own space to take off any wet clothes or just change from day clothes to night clothes without entering the tent and getting it all wet or dirty.

Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5

The Good
180-degree views with two adjacent doors
Easy to set up
Moderately lightweight
Solid construction
Dual vestibules

The Bad: 
Just too heavy to be considered a lightweight tent for hike-in camping

The Bottom Line: 
This is a tent to be jealous of

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