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Gear Review: Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove

Gear Review: Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove

Gear Review: Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: PDX and the surrounding areas
Duration: Cooler days

Product Name: Ultra Grip Glove
Product Brand: Sealskinz
Best Use: To grip stuff when it's cold! OR to use your smart phone.
Sizes Available/ Specs: Full size run, Stretchdry waterproof technology paired with Merino Wool

The Full Review 

So the winter is on its way and I thought I'd get a head start on preparing- first step, learning from last winter and realizing there's a place in my life for a waterproof glove that isn't bulky and also isn't neoprene. This glove has good grip, a nice fit, and awesome materials to make feel like a normal stretchy glove, but with waterproof characteristics and touch-screen compatible finger tips in the index middle and thumb.

Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove

The Good:

Nice fit, good weight, smooth black color.

The Bad:

I see potential for wear eventually, given that while Merino has many great properties, it can certainly deteriorate in harsh conditions where there is a lot of friction, or for instance velcro might fuzz them up. So far so good, though.

The Bottom Line: 

Great product. I mean, I bought it and I am far from dissatisfied.

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