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Immersion Research Supermodel Drysuit Review

Immersion Research Supermodel Drysuit Review

Immersion Research Supermodel Drysuit Review

By: Ben Roberts-Pierel for Next Adventure

I have used Immersion Research gear since I started kayaking about seven years ago. I have been extremely happy with everything from drytops, to shorts, to skirts, and the new Supermodel drysuit is no exception. Living in Portland, OR, the drysuit is an essential piece of gear anytime I go out paddling. I am a whitewater and sea kayaking instructor at Next Adventure and I go paddling in my own time any chance I get. I have used the suit about 25 days so far to teach, race, and paddle creeks and rivers from class I to class V near Portland.

immersion research super model drysuit

Photo courtesy Adam Mills Elliot

One of the first things I noticed about the suit when it arrived was how light the fabric is. Initially, I had some concerns about the durability of this thinner fabric, as it is markedlylighter than my previous IR drysuit, the Double D. Since then, I have had a chance to pull boats up thorny river banks and climb around in basalt canyons, and my concerns have been put to rest for now. Only time will tell how waterproof it remains with prolonged use and abuse.To aid in this potential issue, IR has done a great job of incorporating heavier fabric into high-wear areas to improve durability where it is needed most. The main advantage of the new fabric combination is the increased breathability. I have yet to do any long hikes in the suit, but during the Northwest Creeking Competition recently I noticed a huge change over my old suit. If only it could have increased my place in the standings as well

Another major improvement was in the booties. It may seem like a small change, but the booties on my old suit wore out largely because of the excess fabric forming creases and folds inside my shoes, coupled with abrasion from sand. Nobody likes wet feet, so I, for one, appreciate the improvement. While the overall cut on the Double D was good, the Supermodel is even better. With the lighter fabric and ergonomic cut, I feel unencumbered and stylish in my new Supermodel.

Whether you are strutting your stuff on the runway, going big, or just learning how to paddle, the Supermodel from Immersion Research is a great choice.

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