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Video Gear Review: 2020 Arbor Women's Clovis Snowboard

Video Gear Review: 2020 Arbor Women's Clovis Snowboard

Video Gear Review: 2020 Arbor Women's Clovis Snowboard

Hey, let’s talk about the Arbor Clovis Snowboard. This particular board is a women’s specific directional mountain twin. And, as you may have noticed in the video, the Arbor Clovis is a staff pick at our location in Sandy, Oregon.


The Arbor Clovis was designed with the intermediate to advanced rider in mind and is definitely more of a powder snowboard. The board is pretty darn stiff with a lot of camber and the tapered tail ads some additional float while keeping it responsive and easy to turn in the powder. It'll perform well in resorts but you'll be mostly riding the powder and this guy.

The added bumps along the edge at the contact points are known as Grip Tech and act like a serrated knife when you're carving. It is pretty similar to Magnatraction, Arbor just uses fewer bumps. The Clovis definitely rips in the powder but with the added Grip Tech it holds surprisingly well on ice, so regardless of where you're at on the mountain you'll be able to make some solid turns.

Arbor manufactures their bases with zero waste using only quality materials. The bio-plastic top sheet adds to that zero waste story as well as recycled steel edges. And then, just to top it off, the resins that they use are eco-friendly.

Come and check this out up at the Next Adventure in Sandy Oregon or online here at nextadventure.net

Clovis Women's Snowboard-2020


Arbor Clovis Women's Snowboard-2020


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