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Cinder the dog reviews her Ruffwear Approach Pack! - Next Adventure

Cinder the dog reviews her Ruffwear Approach Pack!

Value Rating: 10 Durability Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 10 Location of Test: Middle Sister Duration of Test: 2 days Product Name: Approach Pack Product Brand: Ruffwear Best Use: Overnight trips and Lightweight Backpacking Ruffwear Approach Pack The Full Review: When Mom and Dad first put this pack on me, I was offended. I went and hid on their bed and tried to chew it off. Then, they started giving me treats whenever they got it out so I decided that it was OK. They also started putting my food inside of it and that was even cooler. Then I was onboard with the whole thing. I carried all of my own food and my jackets into the Three Sisters Wilderness, wore this pack to the summit of Middle Sister, and skied all the way back to the truck with it on. It was comfortable and I felt pretty cool carrying in all of my own gear. The Good: It fits super well! I didn’t chafe or have a wiggly, uneven load the entire time I had it on. It has a pretty cool handle on it so Mom and Dad can give me a little ‘help’ when I need it (not often because I’m a pretty impressive athlete). It’s also really bright (my pack is green!) and reflective so I’m easy to spot in the day and at night. The Bad: Nothing aside from the fact that it makes me 2x as wide as I normally am… had to figure out how to ski trees with it on but luckily it was durable enough to stay in one-piece while I raged through the forest. The Bottom Line: This is a really awesome pack for any dog looking to get extreme in the alpine… or who wants to carry their own gear on a shorter backpacking trip. I carried in 2 puffy coats, my leash, all 4 dog boots, several empty poop bags, and enough dehydrated dog food and treats for 24 hours in the backcountry and had room to spare! My parents are really strict about keeping me healthy and happy so they made sure I didn’t carry more than 25% of my weight on my back!
Ruffwear Approach Pack
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