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Free Outdoor skills Clinics at Next Adventure - 2016 Schedule - Next Adventure

Free Outdoor skills Clinics at Next Adventure - 2016 Schedule

Next Adventure has more ways for you to get stoked and learn about what you love to do in the outdoors! Our 2016 Schedule of Free 2nd Tuesday Skills Clinics has been posted at: Next Adventure Outreach We'll be updating that list as more special presentations are scheduled, but you know that there will always be a clinic hosted by Next Adventure staff the second Tuesday of every month. Clinics are held at the Grand Avenue Store, starting at 7 pm. Here's a sample of what's coming up: Tuesday, February 9 - Free Winter Camping Clinic. Come learn how to camp comfortably when it is cold outside. Tuesday, March 8 - Free Map & Compass Clinic. Learn the basics or brush up on your navigation skills. Tuesday, April 12 - Free Backpacking Basics Clinic. Camping on the trail has never been so fun or easy. Friday, April 15 - Free New Hikes in Oregon Presentation with author William Sullivan. Hear from the man who wrote the book! Tuesday, April 26 - Free Spring Wildflower Presentation - with naturalist Greg Hill. Learn about those flowers by the trail. And here's the full 2016 schedule so far. Be sure to check our online events calendar for updates and details. - Jan 12 - Backcountry Ski & Snowboard - with Cody Booth - Feb 2 - Trekking Patagonia - with Evelyn Salinas - Feb 9 - Snow Camping Clinic - Mar 8 - Map & Compass Clinic - Apr 12 - Backpacking Basics Clinic - Apr 15 - Hiking Oregon Presentation -- author William Sullivan - Apr 26 - Spring Wildflower Presentation - with Greg Hill - May 10 - Map & Compass Clinic - Jun 14 - Lightweight Backpacking Clinic - Jul 12 - Map & Compass Clinic - Jul 19 - Mountain Wildflowers Presentation - with Greg Hill - Aug 9 - Backpacking at Elevation Clinic - Sep 13 - Map & Compass Clinic - Oct 4 - Mushroom ID Clinic - Oct 11 - Backpacking Basics Clinic Contact if you have any questions or would like to schedule a custom clinic for your outdoor-minded group.
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