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Gear Review: 2017 Nordica Enforcer 100 Review - Next Adventure

Gear Review: 2017 Nordica Enforcer 100 Review

Location of Test: Mission Ridge, Wenatchee Washington Duration: Over the course of two days Product Name: Enforcer 100 Product Brand: Nordica Best Use: All mountain capable with a beautiful finesse on groomed frontside runs Sizes Available / Specs: 169, 177, 185 & 193 cm Turn Radius: 18.5 m Rocker Profile: rocker/camber/rocker Full wood core snub nose tip Flex: Stiff Sidewall construction Sintered Base
Full Review: The Nordica Enforcer 100 was without question one of the top five skis I tested at WWSRA Northwest On Snow Demo at Mission Ridge this year! Nordica has certainly helped revitalize their ski brand with the latest incarnation of the Nordica Enforcer 100 (NOW also available in a 93 mm waist, with the same 18.5 m turn radius). Incorporating the same materials Nordica uses in their World Cup race skis, the stout wood core and two sheets of titanium ensure the Enforcer's power driven capability and create a damp, smooth, muscular experience and a memorable ride! The new 2016/17 Enforcer 100 delivers an extremely consistent experience as you glide effortlessly and feel the entire effective edge bow and pop under foot with every turn. A stiffer tail adds to the feeling of overall turning fluidity in part by ensuring stability coming out of the turn at speed. As has been true with past model years, this ski can carve with the best of them. Unparalleled edge hold at higher speed and the damp, sharp confidence you need to go anywhere and "Enforce" anything! The Enforcer is what many ski manufacturers strive for in "one ski quiver" status. The new ultra scratch resistant nylon coated metallic top sheet is futuristic and cool with a bit of a nostalgic feel centered in the simple N logo that many of us in our forties, fifties and sixties will remember appearing on some of Nordica's earlier boot models. If I could only have one ski for all days, the 2016/17 Nordica Enforcer 100 would most definitely be on the high end of my top five coming to a ski shop near you next year! "The Good" List: Strong, smooth and agile Performs well in a variety of conditions Crushes crud "The Not so Good List": Nothing bad to say about this ski The Bottom Line: Perfect balance of playfulness and hard charging capability
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