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Gear Review: 2021 Niche Ember Snowboard - Next Adventure

Gear Review: 2021 Niche Ember Snowboard

Value Rating: 10 Durability Rating: 9 Overall Rating: 9 Location of Test: Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort in Wenatchee, WA Duration of Test: A few laps Product Name: 2021 Ember Product Brand: Niche Best Use: All Mountain / Powder Niche Ember Snowboard The Full Review: This board smacks! It has all the features one could ask for, all in one board! The Ember has a nice big nose for floating in powder, but when you want to lean into a sick deep turn, it grabs and goes! The board has some camber in the backseat, so you feel nice and stable and it holds edge as you get into a deep carve. I felt that this board also had some good float in it too. I would ride this board a little shorter than one normally would, given the volume shifted style. If you’re going to continuously be in deeper snow conditions, go a hair bigger. I felt like I was surfing the snow, but I was stable and secure. This is one of the funnest snowboards I’ve had the pleasure of riding.
The Good: Stable and surfy! The Bad: Fat nose chatters a bit at higher speeds. The Bottom Line: Hands down one of the funnest boards I’ve ever ridden and everyone should have one. Tell everyone.
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