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Gear Review: 2021 Nitro Quiver Slash Snowboard - Next Adventure

Gear Review: 2021 Nitro Quiver Slash Snowboard

Value Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 9 Location of Test: Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort in Wenatchee, WA Duration of Test: A few laps Product Name: 2021 Nitro Quiver Slash Product Brand: Nitro Best Use: Carving groomers, tight turns, and getting that in-air rotation! Sizes Available/Specs: 156cm
Nitro Quiver Slash Snowboard The Full Review: This was the first board I rode at Demo Days, and it was my FAVORITE of BOTH days! #1 in all of the 11 boards I demoed. I usually ride a ~160 board but went with the 156 Slash. Because of the tapered, volume-shifted shape, it could ride pretty small. It never felt too small underfoot and the response and control was amazing! There was no new snow when we were up there, so I didn’t get to ride it in that sweet sweet pow, but I could already tell that it would hold up fine in the soft stuff. The tapered shape and slightly bigger nose assured me of that. Nitro Quiver Slash Snowboard It’s true that there was some exceptionally fresh groom but regardless, I believe that the edge hold was at least in the top three boards I rode. Although it lacks Magne-traction, it held up to other boards with that feature, and I never felt sketched out on the board at high speeds. Riding switch was almost as comfortable as regular, and some high-speed runs were definitely had on this board. I’d recommend this board to anyone who is trying to become a better rider, and who might want to experiment with sizing down. My praise for this board is unlimited, and I am beyond stoked about it! Definitely a quiver-killer! Nitro Quiver Slash Snowboard The Good: It’s ALL good! Fun, small, tight, great switch! IT RIPS! The Bad: Zero Bad. This board is perfect. The Bottom Line: This board is perfect.
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