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Gear Review: 2021 Slash Brainstorm Snowboard - Next Adventure

Gear Review: 2021 Slash Brainstorm Snowboard

Value Rating: 10 Durability Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 10 Location of Test: Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort in Wenatchee, WA Duration of Test: A few laps Product Name: 2021 Brainstorm Snowboard Product Brand: Slash Best Use: All Mountain, Park, Free-style. Slash Brainstorm Snowboard The Full Review:
The Good: This board is awesome! It’s an all mountain free-rider directional twin board with a medium flex. I can tell by the back-seat camber profile and slight set back that this board would be super fun in powder, which we didn’t have on this particular day. However, groomer riding was very fun! The edge hold was great and riding switch was very comfortable. The freestyle/park riding aspect of this board is so fun! It has a HUGE ollie and awesome pop capabilities, it butters well, and it self-corrects in sloppy landings. I never once felt that I would catch an accidental edge, and never did. In the air this board has an extended loft, almost like a half-second extra of air-time. The board rotates fast and light when spinning, making 180s and 360s not only easy but super fun to take off and land on! The Bad: VERY poppy, with great rotation and soft-landing. The Bottom Line: For the price, this board is a DEAL! Super fun and versatile. BUY THIS BOARD!
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