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Gear Review: Black Diamond Creek Transit 22 Pack - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Black Diamond Creek Transit 22 Pack

Value Rating: 10 Durability Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 10 Location of Test: All over the state of Oregon Duration of Test: 6 Months Product Name: 6 Months Product Brand: Black Diamond Best Use: Commuting, Gym bag Sizes Available/Specs: 22 Liters. Black Diamond also makes the same pack in a 32. Made of 800d nylon and 1260d ballistic nylon. BLACK DIAMOND CREEK TRANSIT 22 PACK The Full Review: This bag is great for anything and everything. I use it to commute around town, as a gym bag for all my gear, and for the occasional day trip. It's my Mary Poppins bag for when I have a long day at work and want to climb after. I can throw everything I need into it and still have the 13" laptop sleeve for carrying my computer around. In the same area, it also has a pocket perfect for a passport or smaller important items. The top of the pack did take some getting used to on my end. It zips so the top of the pack falls over the front when you have the main compartment open, but makes filling the pack to the brim especially easy. The brain of the pack zips the same way, making for easy access to your most important items. It includes a zipper pocket to keep track of those small easy to lose items, and plenty of space for a wallet, climbing tape, keys, etc. The exterior of the pack has plenty of webbing for clipping excess items to if you can't fit it all inside the bag. It's reflective for visibility - great for bike commuting. It also features convenient top loop handles on the top and front. The Good: This pack is extremely durable. I have used it to commute around town for months and recently fell off my bike with it. Any old backpack would have come away from that with a few scuffs at least, but the nylon on this thing is tough and it doesn't have a scratch. The Bad: The only issue I have with this pack is with the straps. Most of the time when I am putting on the second strap, the length of the strap gets adjusted to the longest possible length because the adjustment is so easily made. It's a simple fix once the pack is on, but happens a lot because it is so easily adjustable. The Bottom Line: This is a great, durable pack for anything on the go. It holds everything you'd need for a day out and about or all of the gym gear you could ever need.
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