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Free Shipping for Most Orders Over $49.95
Gear Review: CAMP Photon Locking Carabiner - Next Adventure

Gear Review: CAMP Photon Locking Carabiner

Value Rating: 9 Durability Rating: 9 Overall Rating: 9 Location of Test: Smith Rock, Broughton Bluff, Red Rocks Duration: 1 year Product Name: Photon Locking Carabiner Product Brand: CAMP Best Use: Attaching a personal anchor to a bolt, anchor security Sizes: 43g The Full Review: The CAMP Photon, like it’s wiregate counterpart, is a great value. At $11.95, it’s one of the more modestly priced locking carabiners on the market, although I’ve found it’s better than most. CAMP Photon Quite honestly, the thing I love about the Photon locker is simply the way it feels. The gate action is soft, but not too soft. The twist lock (my preferred locking method) has a nice grip and has never once gotten stuck. Best of all, the photon has a very small nose, such that it fits through even the smallest hangers, or the back loops on my Edelrid Mega Jul. The only thing I don’t like about the Photo is the size. Given my enormous hands, I like a larger carabiner such as the Petzl William, and find the Photon just a little small. That said, I love the pair of these that I have and will certainly buy more in the future. The Good A great feeling gate action, nice screw action, light, great price. The Bad: Small gate opening The Bottom Line: This is a great carabiner that feels amazing and comes at an awesome price.
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