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Gear Review: Dragon River Dry Bags by Wilderness Technology - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Dragon River Dry Bags by Wilderness Technology

Value Rating: 10 Durability Rating: 8 Overall Rating: 9 Location of Test: Rivers & lakes of Oregon and Washington Duration of Test: 1 year Product Name: Dragon River Dry Bags Product Brand: Wilderness Technology Best Use: Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Camping, Rafting Sizes: Varying sizes and colors available Dragon River Dry Bags The Full Review: You owe it to yourself to get a couple of dry bags if you don't already have some. I use them for just about everything when it comes to camping and water sports. Simply put, they keep your stuff DRY! No joke here. Utilizing a simple three-roll closure system these bags will keep whatever is inside dry from dew, rain, and even being fully submerged. Their durability threshold is high, if these go under in a lake you can be sure that the contents will be dry, it takes some fast-moving water to find its way into these bags. I pack my clothes in here when camping to make sure that dew doesn't soak my next day’s clothes. They really work. Dragon River Dry Bags Given the large variety of sizes available, it is in your best interest to get a few differing sizes. The 5L bag is the perfect "wallet" on the water. Keep your keys, phone, chapstick, etc. in here and throw it in your kayak or attach it to the front of your paddle board. Piece of cake. Get a 20L for your daypack and keep some food in there and a backup layer in case it gets cold later. Opt for that 40L to pack several layers, your hammock, your sleeping bag and all the other essentials that you may want to bring with you on that overnighter. Dragon River Dry Bags The Good Keeps your valuable dry Easy to use Lightweight and packable The Bad: Can rip if exposed to harsh environments Top entry only, can be hard to find belongings at the bottom of the bag. The Bottom Line: Affordable, quality dry bags.
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