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Esquif Mallard XL: Review

Gear Review: Esquif Mallard XL Canoe

Esquif Mallard XL Canoe

The Mallard XL from Esquif is a multi-functional canoe that is used for both duck hunting and fishing. Its stealthy design and camouflaged patterns remain advantageous for both activities, allowing fishermen to quietly approach fishing spots without startling fish or disturbing the natural environment.

For hunting and angling, gear storage is crucial. The XL size of the Mallard offers plenty of room to accommodate hunting and fishing equipment such as rods, tackle boxes, duck decoys, bait buckets, and more. The canoe's spacious interior ensures anglers have easy access to their gear while on the water.

One notable feature of the Mallard XL is its adaptability for motor use. Hunters and fishermen alike can attach an outboard motor to the stern, enhancing the canoe's versatility. This allows for faster travel between locations, giving anglers the flexibility to explore larger bodies of water or reach distant fishing spots efficiently.

Whether for hunting gear, fishing equipment, or camping supplies, the Mallard XL's hauling capacity is impressive. Its robust build and design enable it to haul a substantial amount of gear, ensuring that hunters or anglers can carry everything they need for extended outings without sacrificing comfort or maneuverability. This means it can also accommodate extra people in the canoe when needed.

Esquif Mallard XL Canoe

The stability that makes the Mallard XL ideal for hunting also benefits anglers. Its steady platform provides a comfortable space for casting lines, reeling in catches, and even standing when fly fishing. This stability contributes to a more enjoyable and productive fishing experience, especially in calm waters or when targeting specific fishing spots. An impressive feature is its manageable weight of only 59 pounds, making it remarkably easy to transport. This lightweight attribute adds convenience when heading to remote or secluded spots, ensuring hassle-free transport without compromising its durability.

In essence, the Mallard XL by Esquif isn't limited to duck hunting; it's a versatile canoe that seamlessly transitions between hunting, fishing, camping and exploration. Its adaptability for motor use, ample space for gear, hauling capacity, stability, and comfort make it a valuable asset for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable and multi-functional watercraft for their hunting, fishing, and camping endeavors. Whether gliding silently through marshes in search of waterfowl or casting lines in serene fishing spots, the Mallard XL delivers performance, versatility, and comfort for a range of outdoor pursuits. 

Esquif Mallard XL Canoe
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