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Gear Review: Montane LTD Fleet GTX Jacket - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Montane LTD Fleet GTX Jacket

Value Rating: 9 Durability Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 9 Location of Test: Mt Hood Skibowl and a summer in Maine Product Name: Fleet GTX Jacket Product Brand: Montane LTD Best Use: Rainnnnnn! MONTANE LTD WOMEN'S FLEET GTX JACKET The Full Review: Last summer, I was leaving for Maine to work at an adventure camp doing backpacking, kayaking, and general adventuring with groups of 12 kids for 2 weeks at a time. That meant all day, outside, no matter what. I knew I needed a rain jacket but hadn’t experienced Maine rain before to know what I would need. Our fearless leader (go Team Leads!) at the time, Meredith, heard my dilemma and picked this jacket up immediately. Not only does it fit great with my broad shoulders, but it also has a nice stretch to move with the wearer. I bought it and couldn’t have been happier. I got stuck multiple times in downpours- like, a REAL downpour, where are the cats and dogs? - and the jacket could not have performed better. The reinforced shoulders were super comfy under my backpack straps and made sure to not let any water through during out hike out of the 20-mile section of the AT we were finishing. When I came back, I started to test my jackets’ versatility and it had my back every time. From a long birthday run in Scappoose with a day of rain in the forecast to a day of snowboarding in the snow at Ski Bowl (rain, at Ski Bowl?), it kept me dry and comfortable the entire time. MONTANE LTD WOMEN'S FLEET GTX JACKET MONTANE LTD WOMEN'S FLEET GTX JACKET The Good: Reinforced shoulders! Great for backpacking or long durations outside in a downpour. Stretchhhhhh for those of us with broader shoulders and hips. I need a full range of movement at all times so I'm very picky about jackets. This lived up to the test. A little bit of a slope in the back to give more coverage. As it is Gore-Tex Active, it is super lightweight and breathable, even for Gore-Tex. A perfect blue with poppin' yellow zips. MONTANE LTD WOMEN'S FLEET GTX JACKET The Bad: The only, only thing that would maybe make this jacket better are pit zips. The technology in the armpit is supposed to be a replacement for zippers and I like it, but sometimes I really need a heat drop. But not having zippers there make it way lighter and gives it that great stretch.
The Bottom Line: A super versatile, lightweight, and trusty Gore-Tex jacket, good for any season.
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