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Gear Review: Mountain Trails Weekender Duffel Bag III - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Mountain Trails Weekender Duffel Bag III

Value Rating: 10 Durability Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 8 Location of Test: Around town at climbing gyms and a five day trip to Mexico. Duration of Test: One month total. Product Name: Weekender Duffel Bag III Product Brand: Mountain Trails Best Use: Travel Weekender Duffel Bag III The Full Review: I needed a carry-on duffel bag for a five-day trip to Mexico. I wasn’t backpacking or camping, so I really just needed a bag that could carry my clothes, a book, toiletries, an extra pair of shoes, and other misc. stuff. I picked this back up in the camping department because the price was right. I used it for a few weeks before the trip to make sure it would hold up and was pleasantly surprised. I could carry all my climbing gear, a change of clothes, my laptop, a notebook, and a puffy or rain shell. The side pockets are big enough to stash your climbing shoes or chalk bag to not dirty up the other stuff you’re carrying. Where this bag really shines, though, is traveling. I was able to fit my flip flops in one of the side pockets, my toiletry bag in the other. The front pockets and top mesh pocket were great for on-the-go items like snacks, headphones, my phone charger, hand sanitizer, and the external zip pocket was great for my slightly-damp bathing suit on the way back. The size of this bag allows you to carry enough clothes for four or five days and maybe more depending on your packing style. There’s also a pocket on the inside of the flap, great for storing your iPad, chargers, or a book. Weekender Duffel Bag III The Good: Plenty of space to carry all your stuff. The interior and exterior pockets help keep that stuff organized. Also, the strap is curved where it sits on your shoulder which makes it a little extra comfy. The Bad: This duffel isn't winning any style points. Also, it doesn't have wheels. Working in the camping department I often have folks asking for duffel bags with wheels, this isn’t it. The Bottom Line: This is a solid bag for money. Big enough to carry all your stuff, pockets to keep things organized, a comfortable strap. Whether you’re traveling internationally or want to keep a go-bag in your trunk with emergency essentials, this bag will do the trick.
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