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Gear Review: Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 12.5 MAX Fishing Kayak - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 12.5 MAX Fishing Kayak

I started kayak fishing back in 2014 and have owned six different kayaks over that time. The Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 12.5 MAX is definitely my favorite. It's fast and nimble on the water, turns on a dime, and has loads of storage possibilities. There's a removable bucket in the front hatch, plus a battery compartment. I have the transducer for my fish finder mounted in the built-in transducer bay, which features a scupper to feed the cable up into the battery compartment in the front hatch.

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 12.5 MAX My first fishing kayak was the Slayer 12 and it had two slots to insert 3600 boxes at your fingertips beside the cockpit. I was happy to see these compartments return for the MAX series, and Native upped the ante by adding two draining slots to hold tools like pliers or fish grips. There are two, backward-slanted, molded-in rod holders alongside the rear bay. And a forward-slanted rod holder, right next to the seat. This position if perfect to store your rod while tying on a new bait or measuring your catch. The 12.5 also features a huge rear bay. I use a YakAttack BlackPak Pro to store my tackle and stage my rods, and there's plenty of room for it plus a cooler. Oh, and I forgot, there’s a molded in cup holder to keep a frosty beverage handy.

This kayak comes ready to install a stern mounted motor and/or Micro Power Pole. And there’s an accessory plate which accommodates a bow-mounted motor. Lastly, there’s a sliding drawer just below the seat to hold essentials. There are two electronics panels where you can install plugs, thru-ports, switches, etc. These plates allow you to install without drilling through the hull, and they're cheap and easy to replace. Brilliant!

But what I really love is that this boat is a fishing machine. The Propel drive allows me to keep my hands free while I fish. And the instant reverse means I can stay in position, even if a fish pulls me into the brush, by just pedaling backwards a tiny bit. The Springblade rudder now comes standard in this kayak, and it makes a huge improvement in the tracking ability. Now I can just point it where I want to go, and the kayak tracks a straight line.

Contact Next Adventure and schedule a demo to try out the 12.5 MAX. It just might be your favorite too.

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