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Gear Review: Petzl Swift RL Headlamp - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Petzl Swift RL Headlamp

Petzl Swift RL Headlamp If you’ve never used a high powered headlamp or flashlight you may not understand just how incredible it can be. This headlamp reactive lighting headlamp from Petzl is designed to be used while doing outdoor sports at night and works quite well for it. I have only worn it skiing and hiking so far, but as advertised, I’m sure it would be great for many other active sports as well. Petzl Swift RL Headlamp When you turn this light on, you can see incredibly well, but when you crank it up to the highest level you can see for hundreds of feet in front of you! A really cool feature on this headlamp is the reactive lighting function. It senses the brightness of your surroundings and adjusts the light accordingly. This helps prevent you from blinding yourself if snow flies in front of you or you look at a reflective surface. Also, if you look at someone else with a headlamp on it dims from their light making your lamp less blinding to the other person. Petzl Swift RL Headlamp This headlamp only has a white light in that it is intended more for action sports and less for general camping where a red light can eliminate bug attraction. The strap is extremely comfortable and easy to adjust. I have even gotten it soaked a few times but it still works perfectly meaning it has good resistance to water and dirt. While it may cost more than other headlamps when you break it down in terms of lumens per dollar this headlamp is one of the best deals you can find.
If you are just looking for a basic headlamp to use while hiking or camping this thing is likely overkill, however, if you want to be able to rip lines down the mountain as if it's day time or run a trail at night this headlamp is exactly what you need.
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