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Gear Review: P&H Scorpio MV Sea Kayak - Next Adventure

Gear Review: P&H Scorpio MV Sea Kayak

Value Rating: 8 Durability Rating: 9 Overall Rating: 8 Location of Test: Columbia River: Scappoose Bay to Aldrich Point Duration of Test: 4 days Product Name: Scorpio MV Product Brand: P&H Best Use: Expedition/Kayak Camping Sizes: LOA: 17' 3" Width: 22.8" Total Volume: 83.7 gal. Material: Plastic 58.4 lbs (CoreLite X), 65 lb. (CoreLite) The Full Review: After paddling the Scorpio for 4 days straight in different wind/water conditions and loaded with gear, I can say that this is a kayak I'd definitely not be against using again when I need a kayak for hauling gear for multiple days. P&H Scorpio MV Sea Kayak It's fast, efficient, stable, and never left me feeling like I wished I could be paddling a different boat when it's loaded with gear. The rounded chines and soft "U" hull shape make for a kayak that is great at minimizing wetted surface, which means you get good forward speed without much effort, and fairly flat rocker profile keeps the kayak tracking straight. This kayak is not a super turn-y play machine. It's a distance and cargo carrying kayak. It responds to edged turns and directional control strokes (rudders, draws, sweeps, etc.) predictably, albeit slowly, and that's a good thing for an expedition kayak. Twitchy boats can be quite a chore to paddle when loaded down with gear, but the Scorpio paddles with ease when fully loaded. Unloaded, it's fast and stable, but it still has that delayed response to paddler input. Paddling with the wind abeam or coming from the front quarter, the boat does have a tendency to want to weather cock, but dropping the skeg down only 25% took care of this. I never needed to deploy the skeg down fully to maintain my line, and only dropped it 3 times the entire trip when the wind would hit over 10 knots. And since it paddles so well loaded, I should mention that you can pack a LOT of gear in this boat! Since this trip was to guide a group of people down a 60 mile stretch of the Lower Columbia River, we had the Scorpio loaded down with way more gear than I would ever use if it was just me. After loading the kayak down with my own gear, there was ample room left for the group's cooking gear, a tarp, a repair kit, an "Ice Mule" drybag cooler full of food, and a couple 10-liter dromedary bags in the cockpit in front of my feet. The outfitting is well done, as is typical of all P&H kayaks. They make the most comfortable seat out there, in my-very-jaded-by-44-years-of-kayaking opinion! The foot braces are easily adjustable while seated in the kayak, and have a very comfortable foot plate. The back band gives support when you need it, and does not impede getting things in and out from behind the seat. Overall, it's a great kayak for what it was designed for. If you want a fast paddling, straight tracking pack mule, this is definitely a boat to consider! The Good Fast, stable. Holds a lot of gear. excellent outfitting and comfort. Very durable CoreLite plastic construction The Bad: Slow to paddler's directional input when unloaded. Tends to weathercock in quartering winds without the skeg deployed. The Bottom Line: A great camping/expedition kayak
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